Lights, camera.. Etiquitte?

Whether you’re a seasoned concert attendee or you’re going to a concert for the very first time, there’s always that gut-wrenching sense of excitement when you first purchase your ticket. What will you wear? How much am I going to spend on merch? What is the vibe going to be like? There are a million and one questions to be answered, a numerous amount of thoughts crossing your mind. So, when it’s all said and done, what should you truly be prepared for? In honor of the upcoming Festival Season, here are a few things to remember when going to see your favorite artist rock the stage:

#1. First and foremost, know the music!

There will always be opening acts before the main headliner comes on, so figuring out who they are and doing some research can be beneficial. More often than not, people go into a concert expecting to hear only the headlining act, and the opening artists don’t receive the love they deserve while performing. Sure, they may not be who you paid to see, but their art is just as important! Knowing what music to expect beforehand can keep you floating and excited all the way up until the headlining artist rocks the stage.

#2: Finding the perfect outfit.

You’ll definitely want to be comfortable! I understand that being cute is essential, but it’s probably not the best idea to go to a Drake concert wearing last season’s Met Gala Attire. While some venues are spacious, others are confined. Picking the right outfit for your experience will ensure that you don’t grow uncomfortable during the performance! We need to ensure that you are NOT prone to stickiness (or stiffness). Understand that you will probably be standing for more than a few hours therefore appropriate shoes are always necessary! So make sure you buy your concert outfit ahead of time so you will have time to break in your new shoes! Take it from me, wearing them straight from the box isn’t my recommendation.

#3: Time Management

We’ve all heard during our time in college that TIme management is one of the most important aspects of your life in order to ensure that you will survive the next few years. Well, guess what? Some of those same aspects apply to concerts… and of course the majority of your life! The days up until the concert are closing in, and you’re busy at work making sure all of your deadlines are completed. But, you need time to get yourself physically ready for the big day! If you need to freshen up your appearance, do NOT wait until the day-of to get it all done! Instead, scheduling throughout the week is very beneficial so that you’re not overly stressed when it comes to that intense time crunch.

#4: Waiting!

Know that lines are terrible! If you have a general admission ticket, be there early enough to get a spot where you want it, because if you don’t, someone else definitely will. Though it depends on the venue- how big it is, how many tickets sold, etc.- it is still better to be safe than sorry. Yes, you will see your artist, but you may be watching them from a screen instead of up close and personal if you aren’t careful. Even with a floor seat, some people make ways to sneak closer, and it is quite possible that your spot will be claimed if you are not careful. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment where it can be prevented- be there early!

#5: Stranger Friends

Other fans are typically a great part of the concert experience. Even if you go to the event on your own, you are likely to meet someone in line, or near your seat, that will strike up an exciting conversation. Good Vibes are the Best Vibes! With that being said, walk into the situation with a smile on your face and an open heart towards the people around you. You never know who you’ll meet!

#6: Pay Attention to EVERYTHING when recording your experience!!!

Recording in concerts can be murderous. You’re constantly switching between trying to capture the perfect memories and enjoying them as they’re being made. Be mindful of EVERYTHING, no matter where you’re at in the crowd. If you’re seated next to a speaker, there’s a large chance that most of your audio will be blown out and you’ll end up with your own personal version of a “silent movie”; On the contrary, if you’re in the middle of the crowd, you’ll hear EVERYTHING. This includes your screams, your flow of tears, your off-pitched lyrics- yes, all of it. Being mindful of what you’re doing at the moment will help you in the long run, granted that you plan on sharing your videos with other people.

#7: Coping with the aftermath.

The day… Let alone the week after the concert is ALWAYS the hardest. You will have moments of nostalgia where you can recollect the instant when your favorite artist hit the stage. You probably would be so entranced with your happening that you can’t even listen to your favorite song the same way because the live version was significantly better for you. Yes, a concert is one of the greatest escapes from reality, but it can be difficult coping with your daily routines afterward. Remember to keep yourself hydrated, and to have nutritious meals the day of, and the days following, as you more than likely will be feeling withdrawals once it is all over.

In all, concerts are amazing to experience and the memories you gather will last a lifetime. You may make a few friends along the way, and the videos you capture will be timeless. Be sure to bring your best energy and inhale all of the excitement you can in order to harbor a night of musical bliss. Enjoy the moment and how it feels, and don’t get too down on yourself after it is all over. There is always another adventure right around the corner- so be ready!

What are some of your favorite things to do when preparing for a concert? Drop comments below!


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