Refinement, with a dash vivacity, and sultry vocals is what you can expect from James Bambu. The New York-based soul-singer used 2018 as a launch pad into the hearts of listeners across the world. Two major singles and a powerful EP established James as a prevalent force in the alternative R&B world. Like pouring honey on a biscuit, James luring harmonies will soothe your anxieties and relax your aura. Stemming from traditional r&B practices, James put a new twist on what we know as soulful music.

‘Love Nest’ produced by ‘Famous Honey’ Herrick & Hooley and ‘Succulent’ produced by Flwr Chyld, help to grow excitement for his second EP ‘Del Sol ‘ in May of 2018. We spoke with James about his two projects ‘Soulo-EP’ and ‘Del Sol-EP.’ His first project helped to grow awareness of his talent with its contemporary R&B ambiance. ‘Del Sol’ a 9-track EP leans more towards the new alternative R&B made popular by  H.E.R. , Daniel Ceasar, and Khalid. James’ determination to deliver perfections has caught the attention of some of the world’s most influential talent discovery platforms. Features from Afropunk, Colors, Hype Fresh, and more have helped to spread the word of Bambu’s immeasurable talents. He commended platforms like NPR, Colors and Treble for shedding light on this new wave of R&B making it possible for artist like him to gain exposure.

Now James is back with a third single ‘River of Love’. This soothing jam will take a slow ride into your heart. Capturing the essence of relaxation, Flwr Chyld’s production molds perfectly with James crisp vocals. I’d highly suggest keeping your ears tuned into this powerhouse. There is no doubt that James Bambu will make a huge impression in the industry.

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