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Saint Jhn’s “Ignorant Forever, I Love You” Atlanta Tour

Ignorant Forever Tour x Shot by Inari Briana

When I walked into the Saint Jhn concert at Center Stage Saturday night for his “Ignorant Forever, I Love You” tour, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I’ve never listened to any music by Saint Jhn a day in my life. I’ve asked around before attending to see if anyone knew who he was, nobody could tell me. The only reason I knew of Saint Jhn was because one of my closest friends and business partner swore up and down that he was the next best thing. And as much as I was willing to trust his opinion, I had no other choice but to find out myself.

I went into the venue that night unprepared. Unprepared for who I was meeting and unprepared of what I was getting into by checking out this concert. The only thing I could possibly tell you was that he was a Guyanese-American rapper with a following of at least 300k on Instagram, he had a hit song with Beyoncé and that he was making some buzz all over the nation. Let’s be real, a feature with Beyoncé, you have to know this has to be somebody special. However, I had to figure that out myself.

The moment he walked onto the stage, There was an enormous amount of potency just from him stepping on the stage. The crowd was overjoyed by his presence. You could tell he was quite the charmer. I was meeting one of the most electric performers I’ve seen in a very long time. I was amazed by the amount of energy he had. He has a wide amount of range in his music. The energy of the crowd reciting his lyrics back to him was exhilarating. Each song was a different vibe for every person. It was a profound experience that I did not expect while being there. I was entranced by his perform from start to finish. When I left I immediately added his discography to my playlists. I wish I knew about him earlier so I could truly vibe from a fan perspective. However, the fact that I went in as a stranger in his game can indicate to you that he can, in fact, win anyone over. I can definitely say that he has a very long and successful career ahead of him.

When I walked into Center Stage I had already missed the opener. I was in such a rush to get to the concert in time to see his performance.I was so curious about who was presenting themselves to the stage. Who was I meeting?

  1. I’m mad that I missed it! I’m an artist myself so I have a lot going on trying to make it in this industry. But I’d like to take the time to mention as a fan of Saint Jhn how I met him in person at the airport he acknowledged me and wished me nothing but success and I’ll never forget that. One day I hope to meet him again as a peer and tell him that story. This was a great read thanks !

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