A Night Out

Photography x Dani B (@dvnb1)

Model x Aries Tyler (@aries.tyler)

Creative Direction x Kiana Conforti (@shecool.af) & Inari Briana (@inaribriana)

Hair x Jordy Pope (@jordywonderland) & Felistas Mhute (@felly.v.m)

Wardrobe x Kiana Conforti

Jumpsuit x BRICKXLACE (@brickxlace)

These photos were taken at VAIN. A night event that takes place in Atlanta, GA, New York & Los Angeles . It originally began in Atlanta, GA every last Thursday of the month curated by Trevon Allen. Due to the massive response, they ventured off into other areas. The concept of “A Night Out” was to reflect a free-flowing, spur of the moment night out in the city.

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