frozen 2 Review

Title: Frozen 2

Release: November 22, 2019


  • It’s Frozen
  • Characters Wardrobe Upgrade
  • Christoff’s Killer Solo
  • Elsa’s Confidence
  • The Ending (No Spoilers)
  • Olaf’s recap (Spoiler)


  • Music sounds too familiar
  • Slow/Dull storyline
  • Repetitive Story Concepts
  • Tarzan isn’t Anna & Elsa’s brother (Oops. Spoiler)
  • The rest of Olaf’s jokes

Overall Rating: 5.5/10


The first movie to ever reveal true love as the power of sisterhood, Frozen was the beginning of a new wave for Disney movies everywhere. The film was so huge, it became the highest grossing animated film worldwide in 2013. As a high school graduate around that time, I just got over the emotional rollercoaster that was Andy giving away his prized possessions in Toy Story 3. I remember seeing Frozen for the first time in an ice cream shop during the scene where Hans lied to Anna about his true intentions with her. I was shook and I was hooked. I loved Frozen. So of course, during one of my movie escapades at AMC. I felt nothing but excitement when I saw Elsa on screen looking so confidently as if she were a Marvel Superhero (I mean, if Disney bought Marvel, can we consider her one? KIDDING!) . I was overly excited. However, I soon began to realize that maybe I wasn’t as ecstatic about this movie as I thought. No matter how much I anticipate a sequel to any hit film, I always enter situations with an open mind. I won’t say that Frozen was a terrible movie. It wasn’t, but it just felt way too familiar. We never get to really hone in on Arendelle. We always seem to find ourselves leaving abruptly due to situations beyond our control. I, honestly, would’ve liked to see the characters interacting with the citizens and us getting to know more about the people who live in Arendelle. Of course, Olaf being the comical relief of the film I was expecting a lot more laughs than I was getting. The jokes felt too planned and were ongoing. I almost gave up on him until they reached the enchanted forest. His recap of the first movie was a riot within itself. Christoff’s killer 80s rock inspired solo gave me all the vibes in the world. Out of everything that happened in the film, Elsa’s need to find her destiny was something that every child could love to see. To sum it all up, there were memorable moments but nothing beats the original.

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